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Birth Doula

I am here for you! Every pregnancy is unique, as is every birth. A doula with experience and natural talent can make all the difference. 


- $800 -

My birth doula package includes:

  • Two meetings prior to birth

  • Support during labor & deliver

  • One postpartum meeting

Pregnant woman sitting and holding her belly with her hands to make them look like a heart.
Tami Mor with Doula Yogi meditating during a prenatal yoga session.

About Me

Hello! My name is Tami Mor, owner of Doula Yogi. It is my honor and privilege to work with expecting mothers in the Clearwater and surrounding Tampa Bay region. It is a blessing to be able to wake up and do work that one truly loves!

I am a highly experienced, dual certified doula (including DONA) and certified Sivananda yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal yoga. In addition to being a doula and a yogi, I have deep roots in midwifery, dating back many generations. 

Yoga as a way of life has helped me enhance my traits and qualities. Through yoga, I have enhanced my love of life, the ability to give totally without boundaries, and to let go and surrender to life, compassion, and grace. When I work with women, I work from my heart. I totally connect and devote myself to her journey without judgment or criticism. I offer kindness, emotional acceptance, flowing energies, and positivity always.


The process in which I became a doula did not begin or end with my formal training, but rather took place throughout my life. 

I am currently living in Clearwater, FL, and am happily married to Eyal, and together we have a charming and amazing son, Arad. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions or inquiries about my birth doula services, prenatal yoga classes, or any other additional information that could help you on your journey. 

Tami teaching yoga, showing different breathing techniques during a prenatal yoga class at

About My Doula Services

Feeling Good in Pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your baby experiences what you experience. It is important, therefore, to help you, the mother, lead a healthy life style and to experience your pregnancy in a calm and satisfying way as much as possible. Pregnancy and childbirth are two parts of one continuum: the entire pregnancy is a process in which the body as a whole prepares for birth and we, through prenatal yoga practice can help in this preparation process. 

My support during pregnancy, through prenatal yoga sessions (more about that later) helps to nurture and encourage good health, a feeling of tranquility, and a positive outlook.

Birth is yoga. And yoga is birth. They are one.

My Doula Services During Your Pregnancy

I am here for you.


Included in my doula package are two meetings, support during birth, as well as one postpartum meeting. My clients may also include extra private sessions as they wish. 


I meet mothers as early or as late in their pregnancy as they desire. I construct a tailor-made preparation process for each individual, based on how she and her partner view the birth process, working together with the couple as a team.


First, I listen. I want to hear all of your hopes, desires, concerns, and wishes. Then, I work with you to create the kind of preparation that suits you, optimizing and adapting my skills according to your needs and desires. I will help you prepare with an understanding and listening ear; offer advice, tips and tools as wanted, and provide you with encouragement and emotional support to build your confidence.

I work closely with the mother to learn precisely what she needs at the time of birth to reach a state of mind where she is most free in body, mind and spirit.
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In The Delivery Room • Your Journey • Your Birth

What I do as your doula. I come to the birth with open arms, an open heart, and an open soul, to serve and introduce any kind of energy that can help the birth experience to be satisfying, positive and empowering. 


During the birth process, I adapt myself to you, serving and respecting your needs, wants, desires and values, to enable you to experience the birth in a flowing and positive way that best suits you. I am there with you and for you, in everything you need.


I feel it is my role to approach each and every birth with great love, recognizing the sanctity and immensity of what is taking place. 


I bring with me a ‘tool box’ which is as diverse as possible: knowledgeable, physical, emotional and spiritual. That gives you the energy and tools you need in order to help yourself. 


I am a resourceful doula with a high level of ability to provide creative options during this evolving process.

I work closely with the doctors, nurses, midwives, and staff to enable a positive environment where we are all a team working together in harmony to support and ease the process. 

My presence complements and empowers the mother's partner as we work together as a team. We develop the way we work together in advance according to what suits both the mother and her partner. I am attentive and I hold a place of quiet and respect to the couple's intimacy. The partner knows that he doesn't bare the sole weight of responsibility. He can also take some time out to renew himself.

I transmit through my presence energies of tranquility, flow, acceptance and relaxation. I offer guided imagery and visualization, give words of encouragement and help the woman focus on her center. I encourage deep breathing as well as mobility. I am there, with warm hands, massaging, softening and helping to ease the pain.

I create an emotional environment which embraces her, and gives her the freedom to be her true self, to listen to her body, to let her intuition and instincts lead her and to be able to surrender to this process. I encourage the mother to trust the process of childbirth, and let her feel that she is the center, the leader and the power of that process. 

Birthing room and doula experience information

Postpartum Support

My support doesn’t end at the moment of birth.

Through the close bond we have formed, the mother knows that she can approach me with anything she needs after the birth, and that someone who understands her is close by. I am there to help ease the mother’s transition to motherhood. I am available to support her emotional and physical wellbeing, and I can provide preliminary assistance (and more) as necessary, including: 

  • Some help with household tasks and organization

  • Cooking

  • Taking care of baby – so you can sleep, or have some time to yourself

  • A relaxing massage

  • Talking, encouragement, empathy, emotional acceptance

  • Advice

  • Other help, as needed

All this help can make this transition period easier, and facilitate positivity and confidence.

Interested In Having a Birth Doula?

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