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Preparation For Birth Course

Experience Tami Mor's unique 10 session birthing yoga curriculum. Translating the teachings from her prenatal yoga classes for expectant mothers to develop and implement practical and effective tools for a positive and flowing birth.

Birthing Yoga Course

Take part in Doula Yogi's Preparation for Birth Course. Taught by renowned doula & yoga instructor Tami Mor. Offered weekly following her regularly scheduled prenatal yoga classes in Clearwater, FL. Classes are provided in a small group setting at the in-home studio or Eagle Lake Park.

Saturday & Sunday
(Following my prenatal yoga classes)
Private Studio
Eagle Lake Park
Pay Per Class: $10
5 Sessions: $35
(Payment collected at class in-person via cash, check, Venmo)

RSVP to Enroll

To join a prenatal yoga class and preparation for birth course simply RSVP to Tami by Friday prior to class. Text message confirmation is preferred. Payment is made in-person at class.

Text To Confirm Spot
(217) 721-2562
RSVP Birthing Yoga Course

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! My name is Tami Mor, thank you for learning more about Doula Yogi and my prenatal yoga & preparation for birth program. I am a highly experienced, dual certified doula (including DONA) and certified Sivananda yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal yoga. In addition to being a doula and a yogi, I have deep roots in midwifery, dating back many generations. Click below to read more about my passion and love for using yoga to work with expecting mothers in preparation for birth.

Tami teaching yoga, showing different breathing techniques during a prenatal yoga class at

There is nothing like experiencing these classes that will prepare you for the experience of birth. 

About Birthing Yoga

Yoga is birth. And birth is yoga. They are one.

Expand your tools & skills and prepare for childbirth with Doula Yogi's Birthing Yoga

My program starts with the weekly prenatal yoga and as we get closer to your birth, there is a natural transition to what is called birthing yoga. I have developed a preparation for birth course that is a birthing yoga program to help you prepare your body, mind and soul for the birth itself.

This Preparation for Birth Course provides you with an opportunity to develop and enhance the tools and skills you learn throughout this holistic birth-yoga process. This includes relaxation, breathing techniques, releasing/letting go, purifying, surrendering, centering, inner balance/harmony, grounding, movement, flexibility and acceptance, softness, being present, good pure energy, protectiveness, confidence, connection to baby, love and compassion.​

Birth is a precious experience. This course is a unique opportunity to receive guidance and knowledge from Tami, a renowned doula & yogi that will prepare you for the experience of birth. 

The wonderful thing about practicing prenatal yoga and transitioning into birthing yoga is for the knowledge to become assimilated in the body, so that it comes as a natural skill during childbirth itself.

Yoga is birth. Birth is yoga. They are one.

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