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In love and light!

- Tami

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Prices & Services

Prices & Services

Private Sessions

My specialty is working 1-on-1 with you during your pregnancy (as well as postpartum if needed) using movement, energy-work, and meditation to get you, your body and your baby ready for birth.


Birth is not an easy experience, but with specific preparation practices I designed to increase harmony and flow, as well as a sense of peace and release, I can help you prepare yourself for the journey.

The birth will become a time of collecting the flowers of your seeds.


Every pregnancy is is every birth.

I tailor each class according to your individual needs!

*References are available upon request.

Private Class (1 hour)... $60

Package of 10 Classes... $500

Private Class (with Birth Doula Package)... $45

Package of 10 Classes (with Birth Doula Package)... $350

Birth Doula

I work around your schedule!

My birth doula package includes:

2 meetings before birth

Support during labor & delivery 

1 postpartum meeting

Birth Doula Package... $800

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Classes

are 1 hour

Drop-in Class... $15

5 Class Package... $65

10 Class Package... $100

First Time... $10

Ayurvedic Massage

This is a 90-minute, highly specialized massage.

Ayurvedic Massage... $150


*If you are using my doula services, you will receive a $30 discount.

Prenatal Yoga Class Info

I provide prenatal yoga classes at my Home Studio every Tuesday from 5:30pm - 6:30pm

and at the birth center Breath of Life every Thursday from 5:20pm - 6:20pm.


*Please sign up prior to class as I try to keep class sizes between 4-5 people max. Thank you!


My Home Studio

1731 Marion Street, Clearwater FL


Breath of Life Birth Center

1900 East Bay Dr, Largo FL

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to get updates on this and other events! 

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Service Descriptions

Birth Doula

Feeling good in pregnancy and prenatal support.


The well-being of the mother during pregnancy carries implications on her growing baby. The unborn baby is affected by the mother’s moods and experiences, and is exposed to a great extent to what the mother is exposed. It is important, therefore, to help the mother lead a healthy life style and to experience her pregnancy in a calm and satisfying way. Pregnancy and childbirth are two parts of one continuum: The entire pregnancy is a process in which the body as a whole prepares for birth. Maintaining physical, emotional, and energy wellness during pregnancy allows the body to produce the unique cocktail of hormones it needs to carry out birth successfully. 


My support during pregnancy helps to nurture, maintain and encourage good health, a feeling of tranquility, and a positive outlook through holistic prenatal yoga classes (in groups and in private), emotional support, and a wide range of other tools. 

Preparing for birth.


I am here for you. I meet mothers as early or as late in their pregnancy - whether they only need some minimal guidance during the final weeks or days of the pregnancy, or more, up to full support starting as early as they desire. I construct a tailor-made preparation process for each individual, based on how she and her partner view the birth process. I work in full collaboration with each woman to create the kind of preparation that suits her exactly, optimizing and adapting my skills according to her needs and desires. 

I work closely with the mother to learn precisely what she needs at the time of birth to reach a state of mind where she is most free in body, mind and spirit. The mind is set free in a process of inner cleansing: internal obstructions and external interruptions are discarded as much as possible, in order to become totally devoted to the present. Because, ultimately, in most cases it is the mind that brings about the way in which the birth happen. 


Birthing in essence is a process of release: a release of the mother’s body-mind-spirit, and a release of the baby into the world. For what is birth? It is the life we have created inside of ourselves signaling to us that it is exactly time to set it free. The more released the mother is, the more flowing the process of birthing will become. In such a way, not only is the baby born, but the mother is also reborn. 


This is done through: 

* Dissemination of unique, up to date knowledge * One-on-one conversations * Guided imagery and visualization * Energetic massage to prepare the mind and spirit * Energy work * Listening * Total emotional acceptance of the mother * Relaxation techniques * Holistic prenatal yoga classes and workshops * Collaboration with additional experts and colleagues

In the delivery room...your journey, your birth...


What I do as your doula. I come to the birth with open arms, an open heart, and an open soul, to serve and introduce any kind of energy that can help the birth experience to be satisfying, positive and empowering. 


During the birth process, I adapt myself to you, serving and respecting your needs, wants, desires and values, to enable you to experience the birth in a flowing and positive way that best suits you. I am there with you and for you, in everything you need. I adapt as your needs change and evolve during this immense process. 


I feel it is my role to approach each and every birth with great love, recognizing the sanctity and immensity of what is taking place. 


I view the birth as the final phase of the birth preparation in its entirety. During the birth itself, I serve as the person reminding you and your partner of the preparation process and provide support. I bring with me a ‘tool box’ which is as diverse as possible: knowledgeable, physical, emotional and spiritual. That gives you the energy and tools you need in order to help yourself. 

I work closely with the doctors, nurses, midwives, and staff to create good and calm energy in the delivery room to empower the birth. My goal is always to create a positive environment where we are all a team working together in harmony to support and ease the process. 

My presence complements the mother's partner and empowers him. Her partner and I work together as a team. We develop the way we work together in advance according to what suits both the mother and her partner. I am attentive and I hold a place of quiet and respect to the couple's intimacy. Furthermore, I give couples the tools to experience and enhance their intimacy during the birth. The partner knows that he doesn't bare the sole weight of responsibility for caring for the woman. He can also take some time out to renew himself.

I transmit through my presence, energies of tranquility, flow, acceptance and relaxation. I offer guided imagery and visualization, give words of encouragement and help the woman focus on her center. I encourage deep breathing as well as mobility, which is the number one pain relief method. I remind women to stay active as needed and change positions during labor as a way to help the process flow. I am there, with warm hands, massaging, softening and helping to ease the pain.

I create an emotional environment which embraces her, and gives her the freedom to be her true self, to listen to her body, to let her intuition and instincts lead her and to be able to surrender to this immense process. I encourage the mother to trust the process of childbirth, and let her feel that she is the center, the leader and the power of that process. She is the one who is responsible for it. 

I encourage mothers to communicate with the baby and make him/her a partner in the process using a variety of methods.

I am a resourceful doula with a high level of ability to provide creative solutions during changing and complex situations.

Postpartum support.


My support doesn’t end at the moment of birth, but remains. Soon after the birth, I will meet with you to speak about the birth experience. We will have a special time to share feelings, process, internalize the experience and see all the positive as well as any difficult aspects of the birth. You may find that the birth experience gives important insights about your life and sheds light on how you have grown through the process. 


Through the close bond we have formed, the mother knows that she can approach me with anything she needs after the birth, and that someone who understands her is close by. I am there to help reinforce the mother’s self- confidence and facilitate and soften the transition to motherhood. I am available to support her emotional and physical wellbeing, and I can provide preliminary assistance and more as necessary, including: 

  • Some help with household tasks and organization

  • Cooking

  • Taking over care of baby – so you can sleep, or have some time to yourself

  • A relaxing massage

  • Talking, encouragement, empathy, emotional acceptance

  • Advice

  • Other help, as needed


All this help can make this transition period easier, and facilitate positivity and confidence.

Are you interested in having a birth doula? Contact me today!


Prenatal Yoga

A powerful tool on the journey to childbirth


If you feel that pregnancy is a time in your life in which to nurture yourself, to recharge in positive energy and enhance that energy for yourself, your baby, your birth and life. Come be a part of this journey – through birth-yoga – in an atmosphere of tranquility, creativity, joy, harmony and light. 


Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to feel good during the months of pregnancy. It promotes you and your baby’s overall well-being and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It is a way to take a peaceful break away from the rest of the world for an hour of tranquility and inner observation, to uplift your consciousness, and to connect with yourself and your baby. 


Yoga classes are a social times, in which you will meet other women who undergo experiences similar to yours. Our small group can give you support, personal connections, and answer many of your questions over tea after class. Many of the class graduates continue to stay in touch and provide each other with highly valuable support team after the birth. Also, you will receive a comprehensive list tips and tools to ease your labor and quicken the process.


Yoga training is gentle and cozy, no previous knowledge is necessary, and will help you to deal with the common discomforts of pregnancy, allowing you to feel at ease with the many changes taking place in your body. What you practice in this class will also help ease your recovery after birth. 


During the lessons, I weave in and provide extensive experiential knowledge about pregnancy and birth in a unique and illuminating way. I have created a very unique holistic prenatal yoga practice that follows my 5 Key Principles of Birth-Yoga through: movement, stretching, visualization, energy work, and relaxation. 


The wonderful thing about the regular repetition of the 5 Key Principles of Birth-Yoga, is not only to establish your and your baby's well-being, but in the fact that this knowledge becomes assimilated in the body, so that it comes as a natural skill during the birth itself. This holistic birth-yoga process includes: relaxation, releasing/letting go, purifying, surrendering, centering, inner balance/harmony, grounding, flexibility and acceptance, softness, being present, good pure energy, protectiveness, confidence, connection to baby, love and compassion.

Birth is a precious experience and we are preparing through an experiential process.

Does this sound interesting to you? Sign up for an intro class today!


Ayurvedic Massage

Postpartum self-care.

Ayurveda massage is purifying, nourishing, relaxing and brings body, mind and spirit into harmony. 


The massage uses one quart of warm organic sesame oil on your body and includes two parts:

  1. Abhyanga- the body massage that brings the body mind to deep relaxation, preparing the body to the second part of the massage. 

  2. Shirodhara- dripping oil over the third eye, forehead and scalp, which calms the mind and allows for deep relaxation and meditate state of mind by inducing slower brain wave activity.


It’s a pampering massage and a wonderful caring gift to yourself or your dearest!

Are you interested in an Ayurvedic massage? Book yours today!