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Woman receiving an ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Massage

This is a very specialized form of massage that is meant to purify, cleanse and restore the body after giving birth.


- $150 -

This is a 90-minute, highly specialized massage. 

Receive a $30 discount if you are using my doula services.

Woman on a massage table receiving a relaxing warm oil on her forehead

Ayurvedic Massage Details

Postpartum self-care.

Ayurveda massage is purifying, nourishing, relaxing and brings body, mind and spirit into harmony. 


The massage uses one quart of warm organic sesame oil on your body and includes two parts:

  1. Abhyanga- the body massage that brings the body and mind to deep relaxation, preparing the body to the second part of the massage. 

  2. Shirodhara- dripping oil over the third eye, forehead and scalp, which calms the mind and allows for deep relaxation and meditative state of mind by inducing slower brain wave activity.


It’s a pampering massage and a wonderful caring gift to yourself or your dearest!

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