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Prenatal Yoga - Pregnant Women Meditating in the Park

Prenatal Yoga

Doula Yogi offers weekly group prenatal yoga classes as well as private sessions with Tami in Clearwater, FL

Group Prenatal Yoga Classes

Come experience my weekly prenatal yoga class in Clearwater, FL. Provided in a small group setting (up to 5 participants) at Eagle Lake Park or at my in-home studio.

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Eagle Lake Park
Private Home Studio
Single Class: $18
5 Class Package: $75
Group Prenatal Yoga

RSVP For Group Class

Participants should RSVP to Tami by Friday prior to class. Please text, email, or call to confirm your spot. 

Text or Call
(217) 721-2562

Learn More About Prenatal Yoga

Learn more about the benefits of prenatal yoga including details about what you'll learn and experience during a Doula Yogi prenatal yoga class.

Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions

Doula Yogi offers private prenatal yoga sessions as well for clients at my home studio in Clearwater, FL. Private sessions allow me to connect and work one-on-one with you during your pregnancy using breathing, movement, visualization, and meditation to get you, your body and your baby ready for birth.

Birth is not an easy experience, but with specific preparation practices I designed, along with helpful tips and tools, to increase harmony and flow, as well as a sense of peace and release, I can help you prepare yourself for the journey.

Every pregnancy is is every birth. Private sessions allow me the opportunity to tailor each session according to your individual needs!

*References are available upon request.

Private Prenatal Yoga
Private Session Prices
(Each session is 1 hour)
Private Session: $40
5 Session Package: $180

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is birth. And birth is yoga. They are one.

A powerful tool on the journey to childbirth - Prenatal Yoga


If you feel that pregnancy is a time in your life in which to nurture yourself, to recharge in positive energy and enhance that energy for yourself, your baby, your birth and life. Come be a part of this journey in an atmosphere of tranquility, creativity, joy, harmony and light. 


Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to feel good during the months of pregnancy. It promotes you and your baby’s overall well-being and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It is a way to take a peaceful break away from the rest of the world and to connect with yourself and your baby. 


Yoga class is a social time, in which you will meet other women who undergo experiences similar to yours. Our small group can give you support, personal connections, answers to questions, and a potential community for after birth.

Yoga training is gentle and cozy, no previous knowledge is necessary. It can help you to deal with the common discomforts of pregnancy, allowing you to feel at ease with the many changes taking place in your body. What you practice in this class will also help ease your recovery after birth. 


During the lessons, I weave in and provide extensive experiential knowledge about pregnancy and birth. I have created a very unique holistic prenatal yoga practice using movement, stretching, visualization, and relaxation. 

The wonderful thing about the regular repetition of this practice is not only to establish your and your baby's well-being, but in the fact that this knowledge becomes assimilated in the body, so that it comes as a natural skill during the birth itself. You will receive a comprehensive list of tips and tools to ease the process.

We start with prenatal yoga and as we get closer to your birth, there is a natural transition to "birthing" yoga. Birthing Yoga is the preparation of your body, mind and spirit to soften the body and muscles, creating flexibility and relaxation, and setting up your state of mind, in preparation for the transition to birth itself. Yoga is birth, and birth is yoga. They are one.

This holistic birth-yoga process includes: relaxation, releasing/letting go, purifying, surrendering, centering, inner balance/harmony, grounding, flexibility and acceptance, softness, being present, good pure energy, protectiveness, confidence, connection to baby, love and compassion.

Birth is a precious experience. There is nothing like experiencing these classes that will prepare you for the experience of birth. 

Prenatal Yoga Genral

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