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Alone in a New City

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I wanted to tell you all about my experience with the doula – Tami!

It was my first pregnancy and I had just moved to America. I met Tami when I was seven months along. I was very scared since I had just arrived to a new city. My husband and I didn’t have any friends or family to help. Tami came over to my apartment a couple of times a week and spent hours preparing me – both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Tami showed me exercises, visited the hospital with me, helped me choose the best vitamins for me, and most of all, she became a very close friend.

After my water broke, I was in labor for almost 20 hours. Tami stayed with me the whole time! She comforted me, helped me with special exercises, rubbed my feet, and used special techniques to make the labor go smoother and less painful! The doctors wanted to induce labor right away. I had previously discussed wanting a more natural birth. Tami worked with me and prepared me with natural tools that helped a lot in promoting the labor process. For the doctors it was just another labor, but for me and Tami this was my first pregnancy and everything had to be perfect, exact, and positive.

I felt like the doctors were rushing me and not explaining everything that was going on. Tami made sure that I knew what was happening and that I was in on the decision making.

I love Tami’s energy, the atmosphere she creates, the light and the livelihood Tami has. Tami prepared me in this atmosphere and this reflecting and powerful energy was present throughout and during my labor.

Tami showed me the other way of preparing for labor. A way which suits my way and indeed we spent many hours on the spiritual preparation for labor. This preparation showed me a deep and internal aspect in which I could look into my labor, prepare, and collect the strength to experience the labor process as a whole and empowering process.

The birth was amazing, spiritual, wonderful, not painful experience, and I know it would look different if Tami was not around.

I’m now in my second pregnancy and I don’t want to give birth without Tami by my side.



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