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A Source of Confidence & Support

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Doula supporting a pregnant woman leaning over on a medicine ball at home

Tami was my doula when I was expecting and delivering my fourth child. I have had doulas in the past, but have never met one with such a vast amount of knowledge on the subject. We met before the birth and went through all the details and general education about birth, what goes on, what is important to know, the process, etc.

Tami gave me her full attention, and as much time as necessary, not rushing our meeting once. She took the time to really get to know me for who I am, the types of things I like/ don't like, and reassured me that the birth process was about me, and she wouldn't take anything personally (if I needed some time alone, some space etc.). Having had doulas that really didn't do much for me in previous births, I came to this birth confident that Tami would be able to 'go with the flow' and would be sensitive to my particular needs.

I was together with Tami at the birth of a friend of mine, where she was doula as well. My friend was induced, and the birth details were such that it could have been an extremely drawn out labor, and ending with undesirable results. Tami was extremely proactive and didn't rest for one second. Before the induction began, Tami knew what to do to get contractions moving as quickly as possible, naturally on their own, so that the induction wouldn't be as severe. She put together different methods, made sure my friend was doing the proper movements, and really hit the spot with everything that was needed. Even after the epidural was administered, Tami stayed up an entire night, massaging and doing what she does to promote active and healthy contractions and to keep the birth process moving. The midwives were shocked and amazed at how quickly and smoothly things moved along.

Through talking with Tami and getting to know her before, during and after my birth, I got to know her as someone with so much knowledge about the birthing process, various methods of healing and promoting healthy pregnancies and labors, and someone who really takes the time to get to know her patients. It's rare to find someone so willing to completely devote herself and completely customize what she does, for every unique individual she works with. Tami really appreciates the fact that every person is unique, every personality is unique and every labor is unique, and she maximizes upon that to do the utmost she can to promote a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Dear Tami,

Words cannot express my appreciation for your friendship and support during my fifth son’s delivery. But not only the delivery – you were with me all the way – before, during, and after.

You gave so much time and attention beforehand to talk, feel out, and understand what was important to me, what I felt I needed during the delivery. You came for a ‘false start,’ gave advice throughout – how to keep things going, what to do/not to do, and how to stay positive and upbeat. Because of your time beforehand, and the fact that you were truly ‘with’ me – in presence and presence of mind – you knew just what I needed through all the twists and turns and unexpected’s that came up.And it didn’t stop after the baby was born. Your visit to the hospital and again to my home, talking, advising, getting the foods and things that I’d need to get back my strength….

You were my doula, friend, nurse, and like a caring mother, truly concerned for every aspect of my wellbeing. The scope of your knowledge and experience helped us make informed decisions and were a source of confidence and support throughout.

Thank you, Tami, for everything!

With much appreciation,


(Tami was present in both her 4th and 5th births)


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