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Our Doula Angel, Tami

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Pregnant woman doing breathing exercises on a foam wedge on the floor

Working with Tami as my doula during pregnancy and delivery I realized how dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and spiritual she was. I was amazed by her perceptiveness and intuition and trusted her completely.

After delivery, I have been growing fonder of Tami and closer to her as I start seeing that all these qualities, which I had initially attributed to her work as a doula, are just part of her character, her personality and her soul. I have now realized that Tami has a gift. She is able to connect to the core of a person and see the person like a precious jewel. That is how I feel whenever I meet with Tami to talk about life with my new baby.

Another of Tami’s greatest qualities is that you can tell her anything and she does not get shocked. She sees problems and difficulties as human realities and tries to find positive ways to deal with hard situations. Tami’s experience helping women enrich her and promote her ability to support more women in their own growth and that of their families.

I can describe Tami as an open book. She is clear like water and opens up to people in ways that few individuals can do. She is generous in giving not only her knowledge and advice but also her heart. She is selfless in her giving and expects nothing in return.

In my experience Tami brings the best in me. She helps me find my own way, helps me find solutions when I feel stuck, and helps me put things into perspective. I feel that Tami can see my potential and her confidence gives me strength to keep going and do better. Although I can only speak for myself, I can foresee that this is the way Tami relates with every woman she gets close to.

To me Tami has been an angel. She has helped me in personal, physical, and emotional aspects. Her role as my doula finished but we continue to relate as friends. I consider her a role model. I look up to her as a woman, a friend, a wife, and a mother. Her inner peace and trust in life are worth of admiration.

Dear Tami, I cannot express how grateful I am and how lucky I feel to have met you. You are my friend, and you have made my pregnancy the most special period of my life. Thank you for all your support, advice, wisdom, and caring. Your smile, your voice, and your presence bring me joy. Sophia will love the “rabbit.” I can see her carrying it around all the time.

Thanks again, Sophia, George, and Viviana


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