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My C-Section

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The first time I met Tami was before a prenatal yoga class. She had such high energy and made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her. After getting to know her more I felt that that she was a very caring, loving, non-judgmental, positive, and spiritual person. All of these things made me feel at ease and allowed me to open up to her. This bond was very special to me and made my experience with her such a wonderful time. I would spend hours and hours with her at her studio talking and relaxing.

I had a hard pregnancy with the stress of relationships, finances, and the health of my baby. I felt alone and scared.

When I met with Tami she helped me see the light in the all situations of my life and helped me to worship my pregnancy. After leaving our meetings I felt strong, independent, and a very proud mother. Talking with Tami was one of my most memorable parts of our time together. Tami would also guide me through meditations where I had the opportunity to connect with my baby. With all the stresses going on in my life it was sometimes hard for me to connect with my baby. Tami would bring peace and relaxation to the room where I could go deep within myself to my baby. Then I could talk to my baby or talk within myself to build a deeper relationship with my baby. The first time I brought happy energy to my baby, surrounding her with love and bright energy I felt her kick at that moment. It was absolutely amazing. We would usually end our meetings with such a wonderful massage and all of my problems would melt away. This was so relaxing and made me feel so special-like a princess.

Tami was my Doula throughout my pregnancy. When the time came for me to go to the hospital she traveled an hour and a half from her family to stay with me where I would be delivering. Tami stayed with me for 4 days and helped me prepare for the birth of my baby. I had to leave very early for the hospital, before we left she would give me a massage to help relax me and help me to connect with my baby. She spoke such kind, loving words my stress was taken away. I had faith that the baby would be healthy and I was very excited to welcome my baby into the world. Tami stayed with me as I was preparing to go down to have my c-section.

It was wonderful having her support and her positive energy. Because I was being put to sleep for my c-section she could not be with me so before we parted she gave me a hug with encouraging words. After the birth of my daughter she stayed with me two more days. She stayed with me at the hospital to talk with me and give me the comfort she had given me throughout my pregnancy. My body had been through a lot after the birth of my daughter and Tami was there to massage my swollen feet and my shoulders. It really relaxed me, and I appreciated it very much. It was wonderful to have Tami meet my daughter. After all the time we had spent together in the presence of my unborn baby, she was finally getting to meet her. My daughter was born with special needs affecting her arms and legs.

Tami did not once look at her as if she was different from anyone else. She did not look scared like others did when meeting her for the first time. Tami was full of love and acceptance from the moment she met her and welcomed her for the person and spirit that she is, a gift from God. This meant so much to me. I am so grateful to have shared the most important time in my life with Tami. She helped to make the experience that much more wonderful and I could not imagine that time in my life without her. Tami is an amazing person. I would wish upon everyone to have her apart of their special journey someway somehow. Whether that me as a Doula, a yoga teacher, or a friend I think she has a lot to bring to the world . She has touched my life and it is something I will always cherish.



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