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Doula Yogi

Yoga is birth. Birth is yoga.
They are one.

Yoga is birth. Birth is yoga. They are one.


Based on this ideology that I conceived, I have created and developed a unique and invigorating prenatal yoga program, which is, in fact, an application of the unification of yoga and birth. 


My mission is to prepare expecting mothers for the most sacred hours of life - the most powerful time and the most blessed - through very specialized holistic yoga practices and doula services. I construct a tailor-made holistic birth preparation process for each individual, depending on what best suits you, optimizing and adapting my skills according to your needs.


The journey of birth is a time when women, these beautiful Goddesses, grow and bring this unique soul, with its beautiful spirit and personality into the world.

"I am here for you with open arms, an open heart, and an open soul, to serve with humility, love, compassion, and grace in this precious experience." - Tami

About Me

Hello! My name is Tami Mor and it is my honor and privilege to work with expecting mothers in the Tampa Bay area. It is a blessing to be able to wake up and do work that one truly loves!


I am a highly experienced, dual certified doula (including DONA) and certified Sivananda yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal yoga. In addition to being a doula and a yogi, I have deep roots in midwifery, dating back many generations. 


Yoga as a way of life has helped me enhance my traits and qualities. Through yoga, I have enhanced my love of life, the ability to give totally without boundaries, and to let go and surrender to life, compassion, and grace. When I work with women, I work from my heart. I totally connect and devote myself to her journey without judgment or criticism. I offer kindness, emotional acceptance, flowing energies, and positivity always.


The process in which I became a doula did not begin or end with my formal training, but rather took place throughout my life. 

I am currently living in Clearwater, FL, and am happily married to Eyal, and together we have a charming and amazing son, Arad. 


With love and light,




Prenatal Yoga

I have developed a unique and invigorating holistic prenatal yoga program, connecting your yoga practice with your birth experience.

My classes prepare you for birth through an experiential process: breathing, movement, stretching, visualization, and relaxation

Birth Doula

I work for each woman and her family, optimizing and adapting my skills according to her needs and desires as she prepares for birth. 

I am there for you with open arms, an open heart, and an open soul, to serve with humility, love, compassion, and grace in this precious experience.

Ayurvedic Massage

This is a very specialized form of massage that is meant to purify, cleanse and restore the body after giving birth.


It also helps the new mother rejuvenate, relax, and gain the tranquility she needs.


It is great as a "new mama" gift!


Have questions?

Check out our FAQ page.


“She has an amazing ability to see the positive in every situation, and remains tranquil even under great pressure. [...] she has the ability to naturally connect with everyone she meets, and create an atmosphere of safety and peacefulness around her.”

In the process of birth, I find life itself: the pain, the joy, the power.
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