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Yoga & Birth

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

After a challenging experience during the birth of my first child, I knew that I wanted the support of a doula for my second pregnancy and childbirth. Not just for myself, but for my husband who is extremely kind, caring, and supportive, but not experienced with labor or navigating the hospital experience.

I met Tami going to her prenatal yoga classes. Prenatal yoga class seemed like a good form of exercise and a means of maintaining physical flexibility and center during pregnancy. I found Tami's yoga classes valuable in several ways: it was good to be a part of a community of women all going through the same experience at the same time, I got to have lots of physical movement and centering, and it was a gentle and effective way to explore pain management techniques.

Almost as soon as I found out that Tami was a doula, in addition to being a yoga instructor specializing in pregnancy, I knew that she was the person I wanted to guide and be with me through this pregnancy and labor. It’s hard to pinpoint a few qualities that make Tami so well qualified for what she does, but more than anything she has a presence that is comforting and nurturing, uplifting and stabilizing.

Working during pregnancy with Tami and her prenatal yoga class teachings allowed me to approach labor more prepared physically, mentally, and as a partner with my husband. She provided us with lots of education about the process and natural childbirth options. The additional knowledge along with Tami’s tireless support, optimism, and strength made the approach to birth comfortable and natural. I can also say that Tami is the most generous person I’ve ever met and seemed always to be thinking about ways to help me be more relaxed and prepared.

Even with all the preparation, this labor and delivery was even longer and more difficult than first. Despite the challenges, I was more prepared and more confident and comfortable knowing that we could rely on Tami’s experience, support, and strength. During labor, I also appreciated Tami’s sensitivity about when my husband and I needed to be alone together. Though it was physically trying, I was far more mentally and emotionally comfortable than in my first labor. I also found that this second recovery was easier and I was moving and myself again much faster. I credit this quick recovery to the physical and mental preparation and spiritual peace I experienced throughout.

I would strongly recommend a doula’s care for any woman expecting a baby and my experience with Tami was excellent.



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